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What are Lasers Doing for Dentistry


dentistry laserWith the many advancements in today’s technology: 3D televisions, tablets, cell phones that are as powerful as desktop computers, it should be no surprise that the medical field is applying lasers to every day procedures. Nevertheless, it’s still awesome! No longer are lasers simply a sci-fi movie effect. Lasers have many benefits as well: reducing healing time, minimizing invasiveness of certain procedures.

Here’s a list of some of what lasers are being used for in dentistry today:

  • Performing biopsies: Lasers provide a minimally invasive way to perform biopsies to test for oral cancer.
  • Healing, removing, and reshaping gums: When gums are abnormal, lasers create a way for dentists to heal, remove, or reshape gums without large incisions that a traditional scalpel would leave.
  • Treating infections, canker sores, and cold sores: The extreme accuracy of lasers contain healing elements that allow dentists to use them for healing infections, canker sores and cold sores. By using heat and stimulation, the lasers are able to treat the viruses and bacteria living in the sores.
  • Speeding up tooth whitening: The power of the laser is used in tooth whitening to activate the whitening agent. The dentist will use the heat from the laser to do so, creating a quicker, more successful whitening procedure.
  • Uncovering wisdom teeth hidden beneath gums: In cases where wisdom teeth are covered by soft tissue gums, lasers can assist the dentist in uncovering and removing the wisdom tooth.

Even though lasers in dentistry seem like a futuristic practice that belongs in 2150, you should make sure to keep up with your dental routine as to make sure you do not need any of these procedures. Make an appointment today for your check-up or cleaning.

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