Inlay / Onlay

What are inlays?
An inlay is a filling used to treat cavities within the biting surfaces of your back teeth. They are typically made of tooth-colored composite resin or porcelain and are fitted to the cavity and cemented into place. This helps prevent further infection of your tooth.

What are onlays?
sunwest dental inlay onlaySimilar to inlays, onlays also help treat decay and damage on your teeth. The onlay incorporates a replacement for a tooth cusp by covering the area where the missing cusp would be. In general, an onlay is like a partial crown. The biggest difference between inlays and onlays is that an onlay is used to help repair an extensive amount of a damaged area. Onlays help prevent infection and ease the process of chewing by repairing the biting surfaces, or cusps, of the back teeth.

How are inlays and onlays applied?
First, we will remove the damaged or decayed area of your tooth. After that, an impression of your tooth is made for the fabrication of the inlay or onlay. In the meantime, we’ll apply a temporary restoration on the tooth.

Once the inlay or onlay is made and ready to be bonded, we’ll remove the temporary restoration and make sure that the inlay or onlay is a fit. From there, we bond the restoration to your tooth and polish it down to match the natural shade and texture of your teeth.

If you have questions or think that inlays or onlays can help you restore your teeth, make an appointment today!

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