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Tips for Distracting Yourself at your Dental Appointment

While most people have at least a little bit of anxiety when even thinking about a dental visit, a sizable portion of the US population has an absolute phobia. Unfortunately, many people forego important dental procedures due to their condition, and even tolerate severe pain. Even if you have just a little bit of anxiety… Read more

woman at her dental appointment

How Chewing on Ice Affects Your Teeth

We’ve all had the experience of either being or being around that one person who constantly eats/chews ice. Not just chewing ice when the drink is gone, but consistent chewing of ice often. This habit is not at all good for your teeth or gums. Chewing ice might also be a sign of a more serious… Read more

soda with ice

What are Lasers Doing for Dentistry

With the many advancements in today’s technology: 3D televisions, tablets, cell phones that are as powerful as desktop computers, it should be no surprise that the medical field is applying lasers to every day procedures. Nevertheless, it’s still awesome! No longer are lasers simply a sci-fi movie effect. Lasers have many benefits as well: reducing… Read more

Best Waterfalls in Arizona

In Arizona, there is a wide array of climate and landscape. Driving from border to border of the Arizona state, the road-tripper can experience many different landscapes and climates from snowy mountains to dry deserts. Among that variety of landscapes, Arizona also has many beautiful waterfalls. Here are some of Arizona’s best waterfall offerings. Havasu Falls and… Read more

Foods That Fight Tooth Decay

Nobody enjoys having a painful cavity, or hearing “you need a filling” during your dental appointment. We have put together a list of some foods that may help avoid this scenario and keep your dentist happy. Cheese Why cheese? Casein is a protein found in cheese that is found to help achieve healthier teeth. Cheese also… Read more

fruit basket

Arizona’s Best Fall Hikes

Camelback Mountain Camelback Mountain, in Phoenix, is a favorite hiking spot for visitors and locals alike. With a peak at 2,704 feet above sea level, this sandstone mountain offers two different, yet equally beautiful trails: Echo Canyon and Cholla Trail. When you embark on the Echo Canyon trail, you’re in for about a 1.15 mile… Read more

camelback mountain

Benefits of Xylitol Gum

Xylitol gum is becoming increasingly popular as more people find out about it, and for good reason. Xylitol has many benefits that can be gained from chewing gum with it as the main ingredient. In order to absorb the most benefits from xylitol gum, you must make sure the gum contains 100% xylitol. Specifically, you’re… Read more

girl showing off teeth

Most Notable Celebrities with Diamond Teeth

While diamond teeth may seem obscure and ridiculous to the mass population, but to some celebrities it’s a sign of wealth, power, and status. These diamond implants and ‘grillz’ can cost these celebrities quite a fortune. It is not uncommon for a ‘grill’ to cost $150,000. In fact, some can cost upwards of $500,000, depending… Read more

Paul Wall

Options for Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are a common occurrence. In fact, nearly 70% of adults aged 35 to 44 years in the United States have at least one missing tooth caused by either an accident or tooth decay. If you’re missing a tooth and especially if it’s visible, you may be too embarrassed to smile. If you’re tired… Read more


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