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How Chewing on Ice Affects Your Teeth

We’ve all had the experience of either being or being around that one person who constantly eats/chews ice. Not just chewing ice when the drink is gone, but consistent chewing of ice often. This habit is not at all good for your teeth or gums. Chewing ice might also be a sign of a more serious… Read more

soda with ice

Foods That Fight Tooth Decay

Nobody enjoys having a painful cavity, or hearing “you need a filling” during your dental appointment. We have put together a list of some foods that may help avoid this scenario and keep your dentist happy. Cheese Why cheese? Casein is a protein found in cheese that is found to help achieve healthier teeth. Cheese also… Read more

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What to Expect On Your Baby’s First Dental Visit

If you have a newborn baby, then you’re aware of all the important milestones that your baby’s crossing. Along with her quickly developing personality, her first tooth will start to come in anywhere between the six-month mark and her first birthday. This means that another important milestone is about to be reached; her first visit… Read more

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How to Sneak Healthy Food Into Your Kid’s Diet

If you have a child who’s a picky eater, you know how tough it is to get vegetables off the plate and into her mouth. Of course, you know it’s important to her health that she eats a balanced diet, and that too many sugary treats can make for a bad day at the dentist…. Read more

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