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Outdoor Activities You Can Do Even Through the Heat

While we may have another couple months of summer heat, it’s still possible to get out and enjoy the outdoors for at least a little while during the day. Here’s a list of some great activities that you can safely enjoy as long as you plan ahead. As always, be sure to wear plenty of… Read more

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Tips for Staying Hydrated in the Driest and Hottest Months

Although we have enjoyed very mild and refreshing May weather this year, there’s no doubt that the heat will soon be upon us. While those of us who have lived here a while may say we’re acclimated to the hot weather, it’s still very important to stay hydrated throughout the summer season. Here are some… Read more

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Tasty Beverages for Kids that Aren’t 99% Sugar

Teaching our kids great nutritional habits are important for their growing bodies and for their health as they become adults. Unfortunately, there are so many sugar-laden foods and drinks on the market that are targeted towards them, and the sugary stuff often has very little nutritional value beyond extra calories. Not only can the sweet… Read more

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